Essential oil Car Diffuser OPEN-EYED

Essential oil Car Diffuser OPEN-EYED

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The OPEN-EYED pure essential oil and car diffuser set has been professionally formulated to help improve driver safety by encouraging the mind to remain awake, sharp and attentive for the duration of your commute. The sharp and fresh aroma can cut through grogginess to promote concentration, as well as freshen car interior. The all natural, eco friendly set offers a healthy alternative to caffeine and energy supplements, whilst eliminating the inhalation of synthetic agents found in fragranced car air fresheners

SCENT: Sharp and lemon fresh with notes of menthol

**CHILDREN SAFETY NOTE: This is a strong aroma. Avoid using in cars that carry children under the age of 4 years old. We suggest you get the Open-Eyed INHALER instead

SIDE BENEFITS: The OPEN-EYED Formula also contains properties that can help support the immune system, open up airways to encourage easier breathing, minimise symptoms of hay fever and help uplift the mind and spirit