La Tautila Tempranillo 750ml

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I am no expert, but I did drink more than my fair share of red wine in my drinking days - and I've certainly tasted a lot worse alcoholic wines than this

Our La Tautila Temperanillo is the closest in authentic flavour so far. Still a little lighter than a full body alcoholic red but waaaaay better than others I've tried. Decant and pour into a wide mouth glass to let it breathe and match with a cheese plate or red-wine like meal. It's also delicious with dessert. 

La Tautila is a family-run winery in Spain with a passion for crafting alcohol-free wine that preserves the sensory experience, taste and aroma. Made with Tempranillo grapes grown in the iconic La Mancha wine region using both traditional wine-making practices and innovative dealcoholisation. With aromas of plum and berry, this wine is very well-balanced.