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Posted by Michelle Wright on

The elusive AF red wine is evolving and things are looking up for those of us who  miss a glass or two of red wine with certain meals or a cheese platter.

At the beginning of my AF journey I tipped every single AF red wine down the sink - those cheap brands at the supermarkets and alcohol stores don't do us any favours, they are TERRIBLE - don't do it!

See the winners we have found so far in our blogs and our small range available for pick up in-store at Didis.

...less calories too as an added.BONUS!

A lot of people comment on how crazy it is that a non alcoholic wine cost the same as an alcoholic wine. The reason for this is simple... the wine is made as one alcoholic wine, then the alcohol is gently removed (usually through a cold, slow filtration process) and then bottled. There is one extra step in the production adding to the cost.



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